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CloudShare Updates

posted 18 Aug 2012, 02:43 by Greg Basford

Please see this Google Doc for the CloudShare update for Weeks 3 & 4, Term 3.

CloudShare update - Week 2, Term 3

posted 29 Jul 2012, 05:06 by Greg Basford

Please see this Google Doc for the CloudShare update for Week 2, Term 3.

CloudShare Update - Week 1, Term 3

posted 19 Jul 2012, 06:50 by Greg Basford

We hope you've had a great mid-semester break and you're all fired up for Term 3! 

I wanted to give you all a brief update on where things are up to with our rollout of CloudShare: Google Apps for Sydney Catholic Schools. Following this update you will see a message from Dr Doug Ashleigh with more details covering some of the items discussed.

CloudShare Pilot Schools

posted 16 May 2012, 01:07 by Greg Basford

10 schools will embark on the use of CloudShare, Google Apps for Sydney Catholic Schools, as part of a pilot project to implement the move to our new virtual learning environment. The Schools are:

RegionHigh SchoolPrimary SchoolsBootcamp
Inner WestDomremy College, Five DockSt Kevin’s, Eastwood
St Martha’s, Strathfield
Mon 28/5 & Tue 29/5
EastOLSH, Kensington
St Ursula’s, Kingsgrove
OLR, Kensington
St Aidan’s, Maroubra
Thu 7/6 & Fri 8/6
SouthDe la Salle, RevesbySt Christopher’s Primary, Holsworthy
St John Bosco Primary, Engadine
Wed 23/5 & Thu 24/5

Each school will send a group of "Google Guides" to a CloudShare Bootcamp: 2 days of immersion in the CloudShare VLE. These Google Guides will be asked to:

  1. Lead the adoption of CloudShare in their school by using Google Apps as their email, calendar, contacts and virtual learning environment, both for personal productivity and in their classroom.
  2. Be the in-school reference person for questions around usage of CloudShare in the classroom.
  3. Mentor other staff in the use of CloudShare.
  4. If applicable, transfer their own Myclasses resources over to CloudShare.
  5. Be willing to share experiences (e.g. success stories or challenges) with the wider Catholic Schools community.

The CloudShare Bootcamps kick off with the 3 Southern Region schools on Wed 23rd & Thu 24th of May. We're all looking forward to helping these schools dive in to this exciting new world of Google Apps.

What's in a name?

posted 26 Apr 2012, 23:00 by Greg Basford

The comms team have been putting their creative thinking caps on to come up with a name for our new Google Apps for Education platform. Here's some of the candidates so far (good, bad & ugly!!):
Nimbus (both types of clouds)
Saint Cloud
Cloud of Unknowing
iLearn Apps
iShare Apps
Schoogle Apps
Skoogle Apps
Scoogle (Sydney Catholic Open Online Google Learning Environment)
Scoogle Apps
CLASS (Catholic Learning Apps for Sydney Schools)

I like "Scoogle" or "Scoogle Apps", although it does sound a bit like Scootle. A few others like CloudShare, which is fairly generic but encompasses the ideas of collaboration and sharing that we want to convey.

Sally McDowell also had the brilliant idea of putting the CEO Flame logo in Google colours - can't wait to see what that looks like! All in all, very exciting!

Introducing the Web 2 course & Google Apps @ Bethany College

posted 26 Apr 2012, 22:58 by Greg Basford

Here's the presentation delivered to the staff at Bethany College looking at the Web 2.0 online course and Google Apps.

Bethany Web2 Presentation

Let's Go Google!

posted 26 Apr 2012, 22:55 by Greg Basford

Things are heating up here in CEO Sydney as we get closer to "Going Google" for all 147 CEO Sydney schools.

The CEO's ICT team have almost completed their Identity Management Project, meaning that all 7000+ teachers and 66000+ students will soon have logins to our Google Apps for Education domains.

I'm excited!!

One of our first tasks has been to construct the iLE@RN Google Apps launch site. This is still WIP, but is starting to take shape nicely.

Also had a great meeting today with our Graphics designer, Katy, who will be helping us design some funky graphics for our Google Site templates.

Over the next few weeks I'll be keeping this blog up to date with our progress as we get ready to Go Google.

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