Go Google. Click on an App below to start using Google Apps. It's a good idea to bookmark the Apps you'll frequently use.

Why use CloudShare?

From here you can access your CEO Sydney Google Apps.  Google Apps make it easier for staff & students to create and share ideas, resources, and information across the our Archdiocese.  Visit the HELP & Tutorials site to post questions or learn how to use the Google Apps.  

Access & Privacy

Resources in CEO Sydney's CloudShare will only be available for staff and students when they sign into the Staff Google Apps environment (syd.catholic.edu.au) or Student Google Apps environment (sydstu.catholic.edu.au). Staff may explicitly make specific sites and docs publicly available on the internet, however, students cannot publish their content on the public internet. As with any web resources, users are responsible for any content posted to CloudShare. See the Privacy Matters link for more information.

What's Coming Up
One of the best things about CloudShare is that Google is constantly improving the suite of tools in Google Apps. You can get the latest news from Google via the Google Apps update blog.