What is CloudShare?

CloudShare is the new virtual learning environment for Sydney Catholic Schools, replacing the old Myclasses system. CloudShare is powered by Google Apps for Education and provides a suite of core productivity tools such as Google Mail (Gmail), Google Drive and Google Calendar.

CloudShare allows you and your students to create, share and collaborate online using powerful tools like Google Drive & Docs, Google Sites, Google Groups, Picasa, Blogger and much more, all in a secure shared learning environment.

In addition to these core Google Apps, CloudShare provides access to many of Google’s other Web-based services, for example Google+ (Staff only), Hougouts, YouTube (videos), LucidChart (diagrams) and Teacher Dashboard to name a few. See this comprehensive list of Google services for more details.

More information about Google Apps is available at the official Google Apps for Education site

How does CloudShare work?
All CEO Sydney staff and students have access to CloudShare. All users access the services using their new User ID.

CloudShare is implemented using two Google Apps “environments”. A Google Apps environment is simply a collection of users with associated services. There is one Google Apps environment for all CEO Staff, and one Google Apps environment for all students in CEO Schools.

The key idea is that the two environments are connected, allowing you to share and collaborate with your school colleagues, your students, staff and students from other CEO schools, CEO central and regional offices, and the wider community. 

Teachers get the most out of CloudShare by using Teacher Dashboard.

Introduction to CloudShare Presentation